The Naked Scientist Podcast

During my run I listened to “The Naked Scientists” podcast which talked about a new program in which the flora and fauna of the worlds oceans was going to be cataloged. I was quiet surprised that it had not already been cataloged.
As a class assignment I read a paper from 1922 (written by Stephen A Forbes for which you have to have access to JStore or Nature to read) entitled “The Humanizing of Ecology”. The paper discusses the need for a holistic approach to science in that pure science and material science need to work together to the benefit of mankind. This debate still occurs today although I believe it takes the form of material science being where the money is (both income for the scientist and research dollars handed out) and pure science is often misunderstood by the general public. There is a group of scientists and science journalists trying to remedy this issue and bring pure science to the public. Bill Nye the Science Guy. The Mythbusters. Top Gear. The Naked Scientists. There are dozens more TV shows and podcasts but is it enough? How can I help?
By the end of the semester my Ecology professor wants us to be able to provide and answer to the question of “Is a shrimp on a treadmill a waste of taxpayer money?” Hopefully by the end of the semester I’ll have answers.

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