developing a research project

               In plant ecophysiology we are to develop and carry out an independant research prioject. I developed and wrote up what I thought was a fairly good proposal and my professor approved it. Then came the presentation to the class in order too get feed back prior to starting the project. I failed. Flat on my face failure. I know that I need practice on how to present ideas when standing in front of the class and that I am new to all of this but still… I was horrible, looked unprepared (because I was unprepared), and fumbled through my outline. The professor gave a few ideas, my classmates said nothing.
             One of the grad students gave his project proposal. Polished, concise, clear, with measurable parameters. I want to be at that level. I must have had a defeated look on my face because my professor asked why I looked mad. I said that I was  disappointed in my ability. The grad student was awsome, pointing out that learning how to do research is a learning process. A. Learning. Process. As I am writing this it comes to my mind that some people may think the professor was mean to me or rude. I want to assure my readers that I did not feel singled out, or belittled in anyway. He reminded the whole class that it was why we set aside a class period to discuss eachothers projects. We all have to help eachother get better at research.
             I do enjoy these upper level classes that mix grad and undergrad students. This type of class gives examples of the knowledge and skill level that I want to attain. Fall break started today and I’m starting over, using the things that I learned during the class proposal review I’m off to develop a new project. Wish me luck.

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