Happiness is ;

Seeing a flock of birds on a temporary wetland in the middle of January.

On the drive into school this morning I passed a farm field that is underwater anytime we receive significant rains here in central Arkansas. There were two flock of birds. They may have been a species of gull however they were too far away to identify and I was driving in morning freeway traffic. It is heartening to see that in the midst of the turmoil of climate change, the winter migration of a flock. To see that they are able to find a suitable habitat in which to set down, rest, and feed before moving on made me smile. I have made a couple of assumptions here. I don’t know if this is in fact a migratory flock. I really have no idea what species. But I do know that this temporary wetland is providing food and shelter to innumerable species of plant and animal life that may, just for a short space of time in a small space of land, combat climate change.

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