Women in science

It was exciting and a little dismaying both at the same time. I just read an entry on the blog Antarctic Quest about women comprising 50% of this expedition to Antarctica. If you are unfamiliar with this I’ve included the link. This blog chronicles both the scientists and the film makers covering the summer expedition. Both crews, according to the post, are 50% women. It is great to see that women are rising in both fields. I am disappointed that we still have to discuss this.

When I was 12 the first female patrol officer went on duty in California. It was a big deal. The year that I turned 12 was 1972.


Forty years ago. I refuse to be discouraged. It may well be that we still have to work at getting women into “traditionally male” fields but the backlash has been tempered by time.  Here I am world. Traditionally male career field number two…watch out…here I come.

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