A skink is not a salamander

We are pulling net after net after net. We sample, identify, or fail to identify (take those back to the lab to key out later) fish after fish after fish. We are also getting quite a few salamanders. I think they are Red River Mudpuppies but that remains to be verified. (brought two specimens back to the lab) The other day we sampled Brock Creek in Van Buren county here in Arkansas and I found the strangest looking salamander. (If you clicked on that link you found Scincella lateralis. Not a salamander but the Ground skink.)

Me: Hey I just found the strangest salamander.

Grad Student: Luise, that’s not a salamander that’s a skink (followed by much laughter)

I drop the skink, grad student grabs the skink, skink escapes, second grad student grabs tail, skink escapes. 

Grad student: I thought you took herpetology?! (more laughter)

Me: I’ve slept since then.

gotta love field work


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