Field Work is Done!

The fourteen hour days are over and they were a success. Well, we have crunched any of the data so there is no one to dispute my claim.We save the life of a box turtle (Terrapene carolina) at brown creek. It was trying to climb the steep creek bank and not having much success. It would misstep and tumble end over end back to the bottom. Sometimes knocking down rocks as big as it was. I finally took pity on the poor thing and lifted it on to the top of the bank (6 feet up above the water).

At Choctaw creek was saw a Spiny softshell (Apalone spinifera hartwegi) turtle. Those things are fast! We aren’t sure if it swam away or buried itself in the mud substrate of the creek but it was gone in the blink of an eye.

We finished working up the fish that were preserved for later identification. Minnows and darters. Bass and sunfish. Topminnows and chubs. Shiners and madtoms. Bullheads and silversides. We sampled 18+ creeks over six weeks. Next month we start snorkel surveys.

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